Inshot For PC – How To Download And Install On Windows/Mac

What’s up everyone, do you want to run the best app for editing videos on your computer and download the InShot for PC? If yes, then you must continue reading this article because we are going to teach you how to do it.

The InShot app is a viral app that has a million downloads and ratings. Many people love this application because editing videos made it easy. It has an interface that is not confusing for its users.

This application features the most common tool for editing, such as trimming and merging. Although you can purchase it to get the pro version of the app, everyone is also welcome to download and install the InShot app on PC and use it for free in exchange for ads and watermark.

You can also get amazing features of this app in every update that they release. Now, most of you will ask if there’s a version for the computer. However, right now, they have no PC version.

But there’s another way to download and install the InShot app into your Windows or Mac PC, and we are going to help you to do it. Make sure that you read and follow our guide so that you can successfully install this app on your computer.

InShot For PC – Using Emulator Program To Install It On Your Windows 10/8/7/Mac


Since the emulator program is the only way to use the InShot on your PC, you are going to install this on your computer. There are lots of emulators for Android, but we are going to recommend using the Nox Player emulator. We tested it, and it perfectly works on the InShot app.

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  • First, you are going to need to visit the official website of the Nox App Player. Then download the installer from their website. Save the installer somewhere you can easily open it.
  • After that, launch the Nox App Player installer and then read the data indicated on the installation screen.
  • Accept on its Terms and Conditions and then click the “Install” button to continue, now you have to wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once you completed the installation, go to your desktop and then look for the Nox App Players shortcut. Double click it to start.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and then click to open it. Before you can access the apps, you need to provide the account details of your Play Store.
  • After that, find the official version of the InShot using the search function of the Play Store.
  • Once you found it, click the download button, and this will install the InShot app on your PC.
  • Installing this app will take some time, wait at least a minute or two to complete it.
  • Now, check the Nox Player home, and you will see the shortcut of the InShot app on Windows or Mac.

Congratulations! You have completed the installation of the InShot app on your computer. If you are unfortunate and cannot access the InShot from the Google Play Store, read the next topic, and we are going to use another method to install this app on your computer.

InShot App Download And Install On PC From APK

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In this method, you are going to install the APK file of the InShot app. Keep in mind that it recommended using this method if you cannot download it from the Google Play Store. In case you can access it without any issues, then you can stay using the Play Store.

  • First, you have to get the InShot APK file. Use the search engine to find it and then save the APK file into your computer.
  • Open the Nox App Player from your computer and find the menu called “Install APK.”
  • Browse for the APK file of the InShot app and then click the open button.
  • By doing this, it will start installing the InShot app on your PC. You will see the icon of this app once you check the Nox Player’s home.
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Now, you have installed this application into your computer without downloading it from the Google Play Store. Keep in mind that we only recommend this method if you cannot access the Play Store because this method cannot update the app itself once there’s a new version of it.

In order to update it, you can download the latest InShot APK again from the internet and replace the old installatio­n.

Speeding Up The Emulator Software

Even with a powerful computer, sometimes, you will notice a significant drop in speed or performance. In order to fix it, you are going to enable the virtualization technology.

Keep in mind that enabling this will modify your BIOS menu, so if you are not familiar with it, don’t change other settings other than virtualization.

Now, if you want to use this method, reboot your computer to the BIOS using the Delete Key or F2 button while your computer is starting. Assuming you have successfully entered the BIOS, check the virtualization menu.

Set it to enable, and then don’t touch other settings. Now save it and reboot your computer. Rerun the Nox Player emulator, and you will see the speed difference when running the InShot on your PC.

However, if you still encounter some slowdowns, it is suggested that you check the minimum requirements of the emulator program. It includes the processor speed, RAM, and other necessary software such as graphics drivers correctly installed.

Final Thoughts

Even though there’s no official version of this app for the computer, you can still enjoy and use the InShot for Windows or Mac using the method above. The emulator program is a great way to install or play the apps exclusively on iOS or Android on your computer. If you have any other questions, suggestions, or problems, you can write us your comment below.

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