RXCamView For PC – Monitoring Your Camera From Windows/Mac

When it comes to monitoring software, RXCamView is one of the most useful ones. It can be used freely on your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play Store and App Store. But do you know that you can also download and install the RXCamView for PC?

Using a computer provides you with a better way of checking your IP camera. That’s because you can view it from a larger screen monitor, which is helpful for people who have a poor vision.

Before we discuss how to do it, we will tell you more about the information on this app. The RXCamView can connect to your IP camera using its QR Code scanner.

Using it will connect your camera instantly without any complex configuration. If you have multiple cameras, you can also view all of it at the same time, which is essential for seeing the real-time feeds.

It also allows you to play all the previous captured videos at the same time on your screen. Controlling the CCTV or IP camera is also possible because it has a Pan, Tilt and Zoom options that you can use anytime.

Now, let us go back to our topic on how to download the RXCamView app on Windows PC or Mac. Since this app only exists for the Android and iOS devices, you won’t be able to install it directly on Windows or Mac.

You are going to need a specialized tool called an emulator. And that’s why using this program is crucial for running the RXCamview on your computer or laptop.

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Installing The RXCamView For Desktop Or Laptop Using Android Emulator


The installation of the RXCamView app on your desktop is simple and easy to do. But before you do that, it is highly advisable that you check the minimum requirements of emulator software.

It is to ensure that your computer is prepared and ready to run the RXCamView for laptop or desktop computer.

If you are confident that you will be able to run it, then you can proceed to the installation of this application. Follow the guide below to install it.

  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection, then go to google.com and look for the Nox Player emulator.
  • Download the installer to your computer. Once you completed the download, double click it to run the installer.
  • Accept the license condition of the Nox Player and then click the “I Agree” option.
  • Clicking the “I Agree” will allow you to click the “Install” button, so go ahead and click it to start.
  • After the installation, go to your desktop, and you will find the icon of Nox Player, now run it.
  • Check the Google Play Store and open it.
  • Now, use your account on the Play Store to start using it.
  • Find the RXCamView app from the search bar and then hit the install button.
  • Wait for the installation to complete, and when it does, check your Nox Player’s home, and the RXCamView app will be there.
  • Hover your mouse to its icon and then click it. It will start the RXCamView app on your computer.
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With the method above, you can run and enjoy using the RXCamView app from your PC.

If, for some reason that you encounter some issues, especially on the Google Play Store, check the guide below to install the RXCamView on PC using the alternative way.

How To Download RXCamView APK And Run From The Emulator

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In this method, we are going to show you how to download the RXCamView APK and install it to your emulator. If you have no problems with the Google Play Store, you can simply skip this method and use the RXCamView usually.

  • First, you have to get the RXCamView APK; you can find this file by searching for it on the google search engine.
  • Save the APK file to your computer or laptop. To find it easily, just save it to your desktop.
  • Once you have the installer, open the Nox Player and then click the “APK Install” option.
  • Browse the APK file of RXCamView and open it.
  • Now, it will start the installation of this app on your computer.

Fixing The Lag Issue Of Nox Player Emulator

Even if you have the most advanced computer, you might still encounter some problems with lag or slow emulation. The most common issue is the virtualization option being turned off.

To fix it, you can simply go to your BIOS menu and then enable it. Before you attempt to modify the BIOS, you must be careful not to touch other settings.

If you accidentally modify it, just reset to default settings and then enable the virtualization. Now you can save the settings and reboot.

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Enabling virtualization will fix lag issues 99% of the time. So, this is the first one that you must consider turning on.


You can only download and use the RXCamView for PC with an emulator program. As of today, this is the only way to run it. Once the developers have decided to make a Windows or Mac exclusive installer, we will update this guide.

Shaoyeu Cassandra