Anonytun For PC – How To Run This VPN On Windows Or Mac

Hello, do you live in a country that has a restricted internet connection and wanted to surf the internet freely using the Anonytun for PC? In that case, we are going to teach you how to install it.

Before we discuss the download procedure of the Anonytun app on Windows or Mac, let us tell you the benefit that you can get when you connect to its network.

The Anonytun app is a VPN, and when you connect to it, it will change the IP address of your smartphone, tablet, or computer in case you are using Anonytun for a computer.

Changing the IP address means it will also change the location where you are connected. It will increase your privacy since the attackers won’t be able to find your real place.

Another one is to bypass the restriction of the internet. While using the Anonytun app, you can browse the websites and visit social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

It will allow you to connect to the apps that generally cannot access due to the restriction of your country. Now, using a VPN like Anonytun provides many features and benefits to you.

It is an app that can be download from the Google Play Store only. That means that it is an exclusive Android app and cannot be installed directly on Windows or Mac OS.

To install the Anonytun app for PC, it will require you to install the Android emulator software first, and we are going to discuss it on the next topic.

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How To Download And Install Anonytun App On PC – Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac


Every Android software cannot be installed directly on a Windows or Mac computer. That’s why we are going to use an emulator to install the Anonytun on your PC.

There’s a lot of emulator programs, and you can get most of them for free. However, one of the most popular and responsive emulators is the Nox App Player, and this is what we are going to recommend to you.

To install this, follow the guide below.


  • First, you have to find the website of the Nox App Player. Just type it on the search engine, and you can find it easily.
  • Once you are inside its website, click the “Download” to save the installer to your computer.
  • After that, double click the installer from your computer to run it.
  • Follow the procedure of the installation and then click the “Install” button.
  • Once the installation is over, open the Nox App Player from your desktop and go to Google Play Store.
  • Enter the account details of your Gmail to start using the Play Store. In case you don’t have it, you can create a new account for it. However, if the Play Store is blocked, you need to download the APK file, and we are going to discuss it below.
  • Next, you have to search for the Anonytun app and then download it.
  • The Nox App Player will create a shortcut from its home once the installation has finished.
  • From the Nox Player, Click the icon of Anonytun to start using it on PC.
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This method is the simplest way to install it. If you are getting trouble with the Play Store, you need to use the APK installation method.

In case you have slow or unresponsive emulation, you can simply turn on the virtualization and see the difference. You can enable this option by going to the BIOS menu.

Just remember that you must not modify other settings to prevent your computer from booting incorrectly.

Download Anonytun APK File And Install It

This method is another way of installing it to your computer; however, if you can use the Play Store correctly, you don’t need to do this.

You can compare the APK file to .exe or .dmg file of Windows or Mac that contains the program. The difference is, the APK is an installer of an app.

To use this method, start by going to the google website and then search for the Anonytun APK.

Now, save the APK file to your desktop and open the Nox Player. Browse for the installer file and then click the Open from the dialog box.

It will start installing the Anonytun app into your PC. The only problem with this method is the automatic updates.

In order to update it, you have to do the following method again and replace the old version of this app.


The emulator is the only way to download and install the Anonytun for PC. Although it is not the official version for Windows or Mac, you can use this app to protect your connection. But remember, you must browse only within the Nox App Player because it will only protect the link from it.

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